The Last Supper

The Last Supper (Charcoal)

I made this drawing for a documentary about the giant number of church closings in the Netherlands. I was asked to give my opinion on this fact, by making a drawing about it.

In the documentary you can see me in action.
The order of drawing the certain objects is in fact my opinion about being a church community.
It may look like a dark future for the churches, but God still wants people to know him and be a community together with other people. Maybe churches will find other ways to celebrate their faith, but the heart of it will and must stay the sacrifice of Christ, which  is commemorated in the Last Supper.
Then the only thing left is waiting for people who are touched by this sacrifice and want to join with others the Last Supper and (re-)start being a community.

The documentary can be found on the internet (soon) at
It’s Dutch-spoken, so that could be a problem for some people…

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