Bible lessons # 2 – Old Testament Timeline

Change of policy!
If you want to use this timeline: you can use it for free!
You don’t need to contact me for it anymore.
If you don’t remove the weblink at the bottom of the image, I’m a happy man.

Be blessed!


tijdlijn compleet copy copy


14 thoughts on “Bible lessons # 2 – Old Testament Timeline

  1. I love this timeline and I would love to use it with my Junior church class – aged 6-8. I’m really passionate about giving them a sense of the flow of the Old Testament.
    Let me know if you don’t mind, cheers, Cathy

  2. Nice timeline and really good sketched. My wife would like to use it in her lessons. She teaches bible lessons in elementary school. Let me know if you don’t mind.

    Kind regards.

  3. Awesome artwork! I would like to use this in my bible lessons for K-3rd grade. May I have your permission? Let me know. Thank you!

  4. Hi, I’m interested in using this Bible timeline for a small Sunday school class for Hebrew speaking kids here in Nahariya, Israel. I’d love to hear if I have permission, I’d like to try to print, laminate and cut it out for the kids to put in order.

  5. Love this, i would like to use it for a class of teenagers in our seminary bible study class, is that ok? Do you have a pdf file?

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