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Project Matthew – Callenbach

The last time i’ve been busy for the illustrations for a book that expalins the bible book of st. Matthew.
Still work in progress, but i want to share some of the illustrations.
They still need some text in the balloons, so sometimes you may think: what does that have to do with the book of Matthew?
The text of the book is written by my dad, Gerrit ten Berge, and the book will be published next year.
But first i’ve to finish it all…


Emperor #2

A color sketch for the story of the Emperor…

Spider 5

On his search for the red hat, the spider finds some other red things, like this friendly robin.
Mr. Robin tells he saw lots of other red objects when he flew above the tree.
That makes the search for the red hat not much easier!


Spider 5



New illustration for the Spider-project.
After a long search the little spider has found its hat back,
and besides that he found something more special: a friend!

I think this will be the last spread in chronologically order,
now i’ve to make some more that i can put between these 5 illustrations…