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Spider Envelopes

You could have seen some illustrations for my spider project.
Off course it’s my plan to publish the whole project. For that, i need a publisher.
And publishers get lots of mail, so it’s possilble it lasts a long time before they look at your ideas.
So I got the idea to make unique envelopes that give a good view of what’s inside.
Hopefully the publishers take a look at the content earlier when they see an envelope that’s specially made for them…

Here are some examples of these special envelopes:

Spider 5

On his search for the red hat, the spider finds some other red things, like this friendly robin.
Mr. Robin tells he saw lots of other red objects when he flew above the tree.
That makes the search for the red hat not much easier!


Spider 5



New illustration for the Spider-project.
After a long search the little spider has found its hat back,
and besides that he found something more special: a friend!

I think this will be the last spread in chronologically order,
now i’ve to make some more that i can put between these 5 illustrations…


Spider 2

New illustration for the untitled Spider-project. It’s a picture for the start of the story. Spider loses his hat, and that’s the beginning of a long journey down the tree for getting the hat back…
On this journey he’ll meet lots of interesting characters, and maybe some of them will be his new best friends…