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Project Matthew – Callenbach

The last time i’ve been busy for the illustrations for a book that expalins the bible book of st. Matthew.
Still work in progress, but i want to share some of the illustrations.
They still need some text in the balloons, so sometimes you may think: what does that have to do with the book of Matthew?
The text of the book is written by my dad, Gerrit ten Berge, and the book will be published next year.
But first i’ve to finish it all…

Pirates 5 – Asleep (IF:Influence)

Mr. Pirate has a problem: his wife finds him early in the morning asleep under influence in the local pub (again)…
“So here you are, mister! Probably you love the rum more than me! If you even want to come back home, someday, you better prove you love me!”

So in fact, here the adventures of mr. Pirate start, because the prove for his love is nothing less than finding a treasure for his wife…

Pirates 3 – On Top Of The Rock

In fact this picture comes before the Pirates 2 illustration.
Here you can see ┬ámr. Pirate finding the treasure he’s carrying to the boat in Pirates 2.

It’s been a long climb and mr. Pirate is quite happy he made it.

More to come soon!

Pirates 2

Still working on this one, but I like to share this one with you.

The pirate captain has set sail to a lonely island to find his treasure back.
But after finding it, he has go the whole trip back. With a heavy burden!

Here you can see how hard he has to work to get his treasure to the ship…